Tailored Solutions

The Capna® Design Process offers customized solutions to clients looking for extraction facilities that are efficient, scalable, and fully integrated. This means that we work with each and every client to identify and serve their production needs – collaborate with us to design your ideal production facility! By creating an extraction process that can be scaled effortlessly, you will save time and money while avoiding any hassle that may disrupt your operation.


As your company grows, Capna® will grow right alongside you! If your capacity needs outpace your operation, you can easily expand your throughput by adding components from preexisting Capna® Extraction Platforms, including our premier Atles or Ares systems. We have a “design-for-scalability” operational philosophy that allows operators to plug-and-play Capna® hardware and scale their extraction process. This modular system reinforces long-term reliability with built-in redundancies, thereby allowing you to lower future capital investments and stay competitive.



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